Indian specialty is actually made in China

Indian specialty is actually made in China

In recent years, the number of Chinese tourists to India has risen sharply. According to Ctrip’s “2019 India Tourism Holiday Big Data Report”, the number of people traveling to India increased by more than 72% from January to September 2019.

With the increase in the number of tourists to India and the influence of related film and television works, local specialty products in India have also become hot products. However, some netizens have recently revealed that many Indian specialties are made in China. Netizens posted that many Indian merchants are rushing to place orders in Double 11, and many manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta are busy.

According to a foreign trader in Guangdong, there are many orders from India, and this time of the year is very busy, mostly with small commodities. Near Tmall Double 11, the factory activity is strong, so the order volume is particularly large. Every country has different orders. Like India, it buys a lot of small crafts, which are basically purchased from us.

According to statistics, China is India’s largest source of imports. In 2018, China’s imports accounted for 14.4% of its total imports, making it the only country with more than 10% of imports.

Perhaps the souvenirs that tourists bought in India are all hoarded by Indian businessmen in China from the Double 11.

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