Interpretation of sorghum import and export data in the first quarter of 2022

Interpretation of sorghum import and export data in the first quarter of 2022

China’s sorghum imports from January to March 2022 will maintain a relatively high level, of which China’s sorghum imports in March were 1 million tons, up 57% year-on-year and 117% month-on-month. From January to March 2022, the main importers of Chinese sorghum are the United States, Argentina, Australia and Myanmar. Among them, American sorghum accounted for 77.52%.

Among them, the proportion of imported sorghum from the United States will drop from 94.88% in 2021 to 77.52%. Argentina’s sorghum imports increased from 2.53% to 17.88%, and Australia’s sorghum imports increased slightly, from 2.35% to 4.58%.

From January to March 2022, China’s total export of sorghum was 2,443.03 tons, a year-on-year increase of 255.78%, and the export value was US$1,913,430, a year-on-year increase of 199%. From Figure 2, we can see that China’s sorghum exports in the first quarter of 2022 have increased each month compared to the first quarter of 2021.

The main exporting countries and regions of China’s sorghum in 2022 are: Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Chile, Canada, Hong Kong, the United States, Malaysia, Panama and Australia 10 countries and regions. 1 more country and region than in 2021.

The main reasons for the increase in sorghum prices are: the decrease in imports in February and relatively low port inventories. Coupled with the rise in world grain and cereal prices caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, under the general trend of rising world grain prices, the price of domestic imported sorghum has risen. At present, the stock of sorghum in various ports is acceptable, and the downstream brewing enterprises have basically completed the procurement and stocking in the second quarter. The cost of sales and freight in the sales area has risen, and the willingness to replenish is not strong. There is no boost in brewing demand in the short term.