Japan actively imports vegetables from China

Japan actively imports vegetables from China

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported on February 25, 2019 that the number of fresh and frozen vegetables imported into the Japanese market in 2018 has reached a new high in 13 years.

Among them, cabbage imports are six times that of 2017, and cabbage is more than twice that of 2017. After being affected by disasters such as typhoons in 2018, Japan actively imports vegetables from neighboring China to protect its needs.

Not only disasters, but also the aging of Japanese agriculture and the transformation of farmers’ future generations, the labor force is gradually deficient, and Japanese farmers are gradually reluctant to produce “heavy vegetables” such as cabbage, radish and cabbage. According to industry sources, “In the near future, China’s production technology has improved, and the quality can fully meet the demand. In the future, it may increase imports.”

In the future, Japan will use artificial intelligence technology to plant, harvest and liberate labor in the agricultural sector.

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