Japan imports eel from China

Japan imports eel from China

On the occasion of the upcoming “Squid Day” on July 20th, the Tokyo Customs Narita Customs Office announced the customs clearance process for importing eel from China and other places in the air cargo area of Narita Airport on the 11th.

In the Narita City, the importer of eel “Maruchi Co., Ltd.” imported 10,000 eel on the 11th, totaling 2 tons. It is reported that in the peak period of 15 to 19, “Maru Sheng” is expected to import 100,000 carp, a total of 20 tons.

Because Japanese domestic eel is in short supply, the wholesale price of imported squid has increased by about 30% compared with previous years, reaching 5 kilograms (about 328 RMB) and 6,000 yen (about 358 RMB).

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