Korean citizens meet to ask Japan to cancel export control

Korean citizens meet to ask Japan to cancel export control

South Korean citizens held a rally in Gwanghwamun Plaza in the center of Seoul on the evening of the 27th, demanding that Japan lift its export controls against South Korea. The Japanese government plans to remove South Korea from “white-listed countries” that have set preferential treatment on export management, and South Korea’s opposition has increased.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the Japanese Embassy in Seoul was stationed in the building. Members of the civic group brought a letter of protest on the 27th, demanding Japan’s apology and compensation for the original labor issue and condemning “economic retaliation”. After being refused entry into the embassy, the protest letter was posted on the wall.

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a reminder to Japanese people living in South Korea, etc., and asked to pay attention to the surrounding situation when they were near the facilities in Japan.

On the other hand, when the United States and the Minister of Commerce, Ross, etc. held talks with the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Resources, and the Minister of Commerce, Yu Mingxi, returned to China on the 27th, he emphasized to the Korean media: “The export control of Japan is also brought to the global supply network. With the negative impact, the understanding and resonance of US economic and trade-related parties have expanded.”

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