Ningbo Customs seized 117.2 tons of illegal fireworks and firecrackers

Ningbo Customs seized 117.2 tons of illegal fireworks and firecrackers

According to the General Administration of Customs, on August 14, Ningbo Customs was subordinated to Beilun Customs to seize 5 false reports and false reports of fireworks and firecrackers in the export cargo channel, weighing approximately 117.2 tons. This is the largest number of illegal fireworks and firecrackers seized by Ningbo Customs this day and the largest batch. At present, the batches of fireworks and firecrackers have been transferred to specific isolation sites for storage, waiting for further investigation and processing.

These goods are called “iron clothes hangers” and are all from the same export enterprise in Yiwu. During the customs inspection, the customs found that a small number of declared goods were placed at the door of the container to cover up. All of them were fireworks and firecrackers with simple packaging and no protective measures. Moreover, there are many types of fireworks and firecrackers seized this time, in addition to the common small cannons, shattered guns, and long tubular fireworks, as well as larger fireworks, fireworks, etc., which are similar to rockets supported by wooden sticks, and even some the word “DEATH STAR” is written on the fireworks and it seems to show its great power.

Fireworks and firecrackers are classified as flammable and explosive. In the hot summer days, the internal temperature of the container after the sun exposure can reach 70 degrees Celsius. The fireworks and firecrackers that are illegally exported by means of false reports and false reports will be inspected for the production of the yard and dock due to lack of corresponding safety supervision measures and brings great security risks.

Ningbo Customs has repeatedly reminded that safety is no small matter, import and export enterprises must not ignore laws and regulations, step on the security bottom line for profit.

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