North Korea’s imports from China increased significantly in May

North Korea’s imports from China increased significantly in May

North Korea’s imports from China and Russia increased sharply in May, attracting attention. According to relevant information, the main products imported by North Korea from China and Russia are plastic products and refined oil products.

According to the status of the International Trade Center (ITC) on the 5th, the VOA report on imports and exports shows that North Korea’s total imports from China in May were $258.29 million, a record high since November 2017.

In terms of product classification, the largest import of plastic products from China was US$ 28.04 million. Others include fertilizers, rayon, animal and vegetable oils, knitted products, watch parts, cigarettes, and food. During the same period, North Korea’s exports to China fell by a large margin (US$22.26 million) to only US$16.01 million. The trade deficit with China in May reached US$242.28 million.

VOA also quoted the UN Security Council’s North Korea Sanctions Committee as saying that Russia exported 25.35 million barrels of refined oil to the DPRK in May, and the total exports to the DPRK in the first five months of this year reached 175,525 barrels, which is equivalent to the Russian exports to the DPRK last year. 76% of the amount, the United Nations stipulates 35% of the annual export limit (500,000 barrels).

The analysis believes that the recent meeting of leaders of the DPRK, China, and Russia has promoted the increase in North Korean imports of goods from both countries. The United States is asking countries to stop exporting refined oil products to the DPRK on the grounds that North Korea has violated UN regulations by arbitrarily surpassing illegally imported oil at sea.

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