Peugeot will import vehicles from Europe and China at the beginning

Peugeot will import vehicles from Europe and China at the beginning

According to foreign media reports, after nearly 30 years of exiting the US market, PSA Group will return to the United States with its Peugeot brand. CarlosTavares, CEO of PSA Group, said in a statement on Tuesday (February 26) that PSA wants to re-sell new cars in North America, and as part of the 10-year plan, PSA will re-introduce Peugeot models in the market. The introduction of the Peugeot model will initially be imported from Europe and China, but Tang Weishi did not disclose the specific model name.

Larry Dominique, president of PSA North America, revealed that Peugeot is best suited to the North American market based on consumer perceptions of Peugeot and a new demographic structure. Dominique said: “There are more than 1,500 Peugeot models currently registered and used in the United States. Surprisingly, these vehicles are most concentrated in Alabama.”

Since the announcement of the planned return in 2016, PSA has consistently claimed that any of its brands, including Citroen, DS and Opel, may lead its return to the US and Canadian markets. Peugeot exited the US market in 1991, mainly due to economic depression, falling sales and increased costs due to US regulations. In 1990, PSA sold only 4,292 new cars in the United States, nearly 80% lower than the 1984 sales.

Dominique said: “Although Peugeot exited in 1991, the market’s awareness of the brand and its opinions are still strong, so we have a good starting point when discussing with consumers.” Dominique declined to describe the company’s product route in North America in detail. , distribution and retail models, even including when Peugeot enters. But Tang Weishi said that PSA will not choose to rebuild a traditional dealer network from scratch, but instead choose to use innovative and disruptive methods for distribution.

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