Problems of China’s Foreign Trade in Services

Problems of China's Foreign Trade in Services

The service industry is lagging behind. At present, the service industry is also concentrated in the traditional service industry, and in the financial, insurance, consulting and other technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive services industry, is still in the primary stage of development. Such as banking, developed countries, financial institutions can operate banking, insurance, securities, leasing and other related businesses, they enter the financial market can be with strong capital, flexible operating mechanism, a variety of financial products and good service quality to develop business, And the central region financial institutions lack the ability to operate flexible, which increases the difficulty of market competition; again, due to regional and sectoral division, enterprises can not expand the scale, to obtain economies of scale, lack of competitiveness. Such as the air transport industry, the current international air transport market is highly competitive, must have capital, technology, information, infrastructure, safe operation capacity and other powerful strength to survive and develop, and these are the central region of the air transport industry needs to be greatly improved; Information query, the provision of information and consulting services for enterprises and the lack of small scale, inter-departmental information blockade, information blocking and information distortion is still common.

Service trade governance system lag. It is not easy to obtain specific information on trade in services. Statistics on modern service and trade in services are only from the foreign economic statistics to initially estimate the amount of outward opening of the service industry, the error is great, which brings great research of the difficulties, it is difficult to find out the situation in the central region. The comparative advantage in the trade in services is tourism and transportation. Statistics in other sectors, especially in the fields of information, accounting, consulting, and law, are almost blank, and obstacles are provided for the further development of these industries. The All – round Development of Regional Service Trade.

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