Qingdao’s first batch of used cars export was successfully cleared

Qingdao's first batch of used cars export was successfully cleared

On August 21, Qingdao Xinhuajin Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. declared to export 2 second-hand cars to Qingdao Customs under Huangdao Customs. After the Customs officers examined the customs declaration documents, the customs clearance procedures were applied to the second-hand vehicles. The vehicle is scheduled to complete the shipment exit on August 25. This is also the first time that Qingdao has handled the customs clearance of used cars.

In April 2019, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued the “Notice on Supporting the Export of Used Cars in Conditionally Mature Areas”. Qingdao and Jining became the first regions in the country to carry out the export business of used cars.

Qingdao Customs attaches great importance to the development of used car export business, actively promotes the second-hand car export business as early as possible, and jointly develops the implementation plan for the second-hand car export business with local businesses and public security departments, and actively participates in the declaration, review and hearing of the used car export pilot enterprises. Waiting for work, guiding enterprises to standardize the declaration of used car export, implementing online verification of export licenses and integration of export customs clearance, formulating fast customs clearance, inspection work mechanism, refining inspection instructions, providing customs clearance facilitation services to ensure efficient customs clearance .

The Automobile Laboratory of Qingdao Customs Technology Center, as one of the qualified third-party testing institutions for used car export, actively connects with the pilot enterprises of used car export, providing “one-on-one” business guidance, in accordance with the “one car, one inspection” mode. The Taiwan issued a test report to ensure the smooth development of the used car export business.

The second-hand car export business will be fully implemented in Shandong, which will further strengthen the circulation of second-hand car market in Shandong Province, and vigorously promote the construction of second-hand car export service system integrating transaction, logistics and finance, further stimulate the vitality of the province’s automobile market and promote the automobile industry. Healthy development contributes to the formation of industrial agglomeration and the promotion of high-quality development of foreign trade. Qingdao Customs will also strengthen the credit management of export pilot enterprises in light of the actual work, continuously strengthen supervision and optimize services, and actively and steadily promote the healthy development of used car export business.

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