Status of Chinese Trading Service

Status of Chinese Trading Service

1.Small Companies

95% of the Chinese Trading Service companies are <50 members, which make them very difficult to serve the customers, do the factory inspections and offer financial supports. Also, staffs of small trading service companies would be not well educated or trained, short of professional experience and work attitude.

ENELTEC Trading Service are supported by >1000 professional experts including sales, sourcing, inspectors, financial officers, making your order safe.

2.Poor Service

What’s the most important in Trading Service? No doubt, it’s ‘Service’. Most Chinese Trading Service companies are slow and unprofessional, which answer the buyers’ request after one week.

ENELTEC Trading Service would be top class.

Whenever we receive the buyers’ request, we would forward to our professional sales who’s good at this industry within 1 hour.

Our sales would analyze the buyer request and give our sourcing team an instruction with 1 hour.

Our sourcing team would look for 5-10 professional manufacturers, getting quotation, specification, certifications within 5 hours.

Finally, our sales team would arrange a final report including all the data from the suppliers and send back to our buyers.

So, we need only 8 hours to fulfill your buyer request.

  1. No Financial Support

No matter how the Macroeconomics is, the financial solutions would always be a big problem in foreign trade. Most Chinese Trading Service companies are small companies, so they don’t have a variety of financing channels.

ENELTEC has been doing foreign trade service works since 1982, we offer different kinds of financial solutions like Packing Finance, Forfeiting to protect your cash flow. As we all know, the Financing costs in China is much lower than other countries, so, our Financial Support would help you to be more competitive in your local market.