Thailand asks Chinese embassy in Thailand to support import of Chinese medical supplies

Thailand asks Chinese embassy in Thailand to support import of Chinese medical supplies

According to Thai media reports, at the Thai Ministry of Health on March 18, Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Anutin accepted anti-epidemic materials donated by the Chinese Embassy in Thailand. These materials were 100,000 medical masks and 20,000 tests. Box, 10,000 N95 masks, 2000 sets of PPE protective clothing.

In this regard, Anutin said in an interview: the Ministry of Health discussed with the Chinese ambassador to Thailand and requested the Chinese ambassador to Thailand to coordinate with the Chinese pharmaceutical and medical supplies manufacturers. Thailand will import drugs and medical supplies from China, and The matter has obtained preliminary permission from the Chinese government, but the matter is still under confirmation. In particular, it is necessary to import the drug “Fapilavir”. According to a team of doctors from the Ministry of Health, in order to be at ease, Thailand needs 50,000 pills of this medicine. However, Thailand now has 80,000 capsules, and will now import 120,000 capsules in order to have a storage capacity of about 200,000 capsules to treat Thai patients.

As for the problem of masks, especially N95 masks and PPE protective clothing for medical personnel, it is still worrying. However, consultations have also been held with the Chinese Embassy in Thailand in this regard, and purchases will be made through representatives of government pharmaceutical organizations. At the same time, the Department of Medicine is also required to inspect and verify the quality of protective clothing produced in Thailand. The quality must be equivalent to PPE protective clothing. If it can be produced as soon as possible, medical staff who care and contact patients at close range can have sufficient equipment. There is also comprehensive insurance for medical staff, which can make medical staff work without worries.

In addition, Anutin also said: Now I just want to ask the public to cooperate in accordance with the doctor’s instructions not to get sick, and away from social life in the near future, use social network devices for meetings and conferences. If you can, it’s best to work from home, don’t go to risky places, and don’t travel, because travel can also spread diseases. For example, the Songkran holiday has now been postponed by the government. The Songkran holiday will normally go to work, but the holiday will be postponed later. Everyone needs to restrict travel, whether Thai or foreign workers, if foreign workers still insist on leaving the country, they may not be allowed to return to Thailand. To this end, employers must coordinate with labor and request labor cooperation, because now Thailand needs the cooperation of foreign workers. If foreign workers cooperate, it will not be too difficult to prevent and control the epidemic, and everyone can return to normal life.

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