The EU will impose a maximum tariff of 79.3% on Chinese electric vehicles

The EU will impose a maximum tariff of 79.3% on Chinese electric vehicles

Reuters today quoted regulatory documents saying that the EU will start tariffs ranging from 18.8% to 79.3% on electric bicycles imported from China starting this Saturday. The reason why the EU took this measure is because European electric bicycle manufacturers believe that electric bicycles produced by Chinese manufacturers who benefit from unfair subsidies are flooding the European market because of their low prices.

This measure was voted by the EU countries at the end of last month. Before that, the European Commission conducted a survey on behalf of 28 member states. It was found that from 2014 to September 2017, the number of electric bicycles imported from China to the EU increased more than twice, the market share soared to 35%, but at the same time the average price fell by 11%.

The results of the European Commission survey also said that Chinese manufacturers not only benefited from the control of aluminum prices, but also benefited from favorable financing conditions, land use rights and tax incentives.

For this tariff measure, the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association welcomed it and said it would benefit 800 SMEs in the EU, which have employed a total of 90,000 people.

In fact, Europe is love and hate for electric bicycles produced in China. At the beginning, Chinese electric bicycles were regarded by many as the “savior” of local green travel. They not only help to alleviate traffic congestion, but also contribute to the ecological environment and physical health.

In terms of price, the South China Morning Post recently quoted TFIE Strategy chief strategist Michael Barnard as saying that European residents want to buy less expensive electric bicycles, but the average price of EU manufacturers is more than 5,200 US dollars (35,000RMB). In comparison, the price of Chinese-made electric bicycles sold by many local websites can be as low as 340 US dollars (2,300 RMB), which is only a fraction of the price of local manufacturers.

Not all manufacturers are satisfied with the EU initiative. The South China Morning Post reported that Annick Roetynck, head of the European Light Electric Vehicle Association, said that European manufacturers were not hurt by Chinese products. “The vast majority of them are importing parts from China on a large scale, and the business is booming. “”

According to Roetynck, after the implementation of this tariff in the EU, waiting for European bicycle companies and consumers, it will undoubtedly be a “dark day.”

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