The first batch of rails of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail arrived in Indonesia from China

The first batch of rails of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail arrived in Indonesia from China

On the 17th, the first batch of 6809.6 tons of 50-meter-long steel rails of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail in Indonesia began to be unloaded and transferred at the country’s Cilaja Port, creating conditions for the welding and laying of the Jab-Bandang high-speed rail.

After more than half a month of sea transportation from China, the rails arrived at the port of Ciraza, Indonesia on the evening of the 16th. This is another important progress made by all parties to the project in overcoming the impact of the epidemic and advancing the construction of the project as the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in Indonesia.

The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail has a total length of 142.3 kilometers, a dual-line design, a maximum design speed of 350 kilometers per hour, and a total of 37,900 tons of rails, all imported from China. This is the first time that China has exported 50 meters of rails to overseas markets in large quantities.

After the rails arrive at Ciraza Port, they will be stored in a special storage site for short-term storage, and will be transported to Lanzeke Station in Bandung City via the existing narrow-gauge railway in Indonesia, and finally reach the De Karur EMU via the track laying base link. The rail welding base is finally welded into a 500-meter-long steel rail, which will be used for the laying of the Jaw-Bandung high-speed rail seamless track.

Limited to the local transportation conditions in Indonesia, the China Power Construction Municipal Group, which is responsible for the full track laying project of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail, completed the transformation of Indonesia’s Cilaja Port in March this year, so that it has the capacity of 50-meter rail unloading, reverse transportation, storage and loading; Since there is no local long rail transportation experience in Indonesia, last month the group and the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences conducted the first 50 long rail transportation test using local narrow-gauge railways and successfully opened up the rail transportation channel.

At present, the main functional areas of the Yawan high-speed rail track laying base have been basically completed, the rail welding production line equipment has been installed and commissioned, and the 500-meter rail transfer and storage equipment and area have been basically completed, and the conditions for receiving rails are basically completed. The first batch of rails arrived in Indonesia, providing strong support for accelerating the construction of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail.