The Impact of Financial Crisis on International Trade

The Impact of Financial Crisis on International Trade

In 2008, the outbreak of the financial crisis in the United States, the US economic crisis affected the world, the US financial crisis prompted the US economic depression, and as an important leader of trade exchanges Japan and the European Union and other countries of international trade has been greatly affected. The reduction in foreign trade, the sharp reduction in imports of goods and products, the rapid decline in exports of goods and products, dependent on the survival of the import and export industry and industry caused great creativity. This paper starts from the analysis of the present situation, explores the impact of the financial crisis on international trade and finds relevant countermeasures and measures through comparative analysis.

The financial crisis can lead to a comprehensive change in consumer attitudes in the United States, can make the US unemployment rate rise, consumption 70 level dropped significantly, according to effective statistics, the United States in December 2009 consumer spending index has dropped to 80.1%, which is The United States is the most influential foreign trade power, the proportion of China’s foreign trade, the United States can be described as the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, “The mainstay” position. The United States the financial crisis is bound to my international trade will bring a huge impact on China’s trade with the United States greatly reduced.

The financial crisis has aggravated trade friction between countries, the financial crisis has further reduced international trade, the sharp increase in unemployment, leading to some countries and regions of international trade will adopt more conservative trade policies and measures, the global trade protectionism threatwill further increase the formation of new trade barriers. Just as the US financial crisis to adopt a new fiscal and monetary policy is expected to make the US economy from recession, but it is likely to lead to economic stagnation, when the US economic growth slowdown, trade protectionist forces will rise. And for the financial crisis, countries have taken a certain amount of countermeasures to minimize its damage to the minimum.

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