The import scale of pigs in Guizhou is the largest in China

The import scale of pigs in Guizhou is the largest in China

In 2020, Guiyang Customs has successively supervised 4568 imported breeding pigs, and the scale of imported breeding pigs in Guizhou Province hit the highest level in China.

Since 2019, affected by the African swine fever and new crown pneumonia epidemics, China’s pig breeding has been affected. In order to ensure that the Guizhou pig breeding industry resumes production and raises stable production and supply, Guiyang Customs has adopted a number of facilitation measures through coordination and communication, and actively help companies prepare for the introduction of foreign species, help high-quality resumption of production and raising of live pigs, and ensure consumers’ demand on the table.

In 2020, Guiyang Customs will actively support Guizhou Province in introducing high-quality breeding pigs from abroad to help stabilize production and supply. By optimizing the process and procedures, the inspection and acceptance of 5 imported breeding pigs isolation and quarantine sites in the province were completed in time, providing a reliable guarantee for Guizhou Province to accelerate the introduction of high-quality breeding pig resources from abroad to promote the recovery of pig production.

According to reports, in order to ensure the safe introduction of breeding pigs and help companies resume work safely, Guiyang Customs has “tailored clothing”, prepared in advance the supervision plan for imported breeding pigs, and promoted “full chain” supervision in business areas such as risk, quarantine, and inspection, and ensured the entire process. There are no loopholes in prevention and control, and we will strictly prevent the superimposed risks of the simultaneous import of overseas new crown epidemics and animal epidemics. While doing a good job in “strict prevention and control and strong supervision”, Guiyang Customs provides enterprises with high-quality and efficient customs clearance services, and implements reform measures such as two-step declaration and two-stage access to ensure “zero detention” for imported breeding pigs.

Guiyang Customs stated that the entry of 4586 breeding pigs will help improve the genetic traits of the existing pig populations in Guizhou Province, enrich the genetic resources of the pig populations in Guizhou Province, promote the transformation and upgrading of the pig breeding industry in Guizhou Province, and help the pigs to “return production, increase production” and “guarantee supply”. “Price stabilization” is of positive significance.

In recent years, the pig industry in Guizhou has undergone an upgrade from thousands of households to large-scale and ecological breeding. At the beginning of 2020, Guizhou will separate the pig industry from the ecological animal husbandry industry and develop it as one of the province’s 12 agricultural characteristic advantageous industries. The Guizhou Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs led the establishment of a special class for the development of the pig industry. Leading groups and special classes have been set up at the provincial, city and county levels to promote industrial development beyond the norm.

According to the data, as of February 31, 2020, Guizhou Province had 15.788 million live pigs, 1.4033 million breeding sows, and a total of 18.076,800 live pigs, which have basically returned to normal levels.