The Indian government has no intention to ban the procurement of Huawei network equipment

The Indian government has no intention to ban the procurement of Huawei network equipment

According to the Indian Economic Times, Indian Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha said there is no proposal to ban the purchase of telecommunications equipment produced by Huawei. Previously, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other places were “blocking” Huawei’s network equipment.

“There is no proposal at present before the government considers whether to ban the procurement of telecommunications equipment produced by Huawei.” Singh replied. He also said that as long as mobile companies comply with security requirements, they can purchase equipment from any equipment manufacturer based on their own business interests.

There were reports on December 21 last year that it is unlikely that India will ban Huawei equipment. People familiar with the matter said that Huawei will not be eliminated separately because of security issues, especially considering that India’s competitors are also sourcing key components from China. Manufacturers of telecommunications equipment such as Ericsson and Nokia, Finland, will source parts from China, but both companies claim to have adopted strict control and safety protocols in advance.

Singha said that modern telecommunication equipment is vulnerable to spyware or malware, regardless of the source of the procurement. “These spyware/malware are potential threats. If they are embedded in a telecommunications network from any vendor or third-party source, this could disrupt the network elements, cause service disruptions, interfere with other network elements or leak information. Said the minister.

However, he added that India has set strict security conditions for telecommunications authorization in order to solve security problems. Under the terms of the license, the mobile phone company needs to set up a facility that can monitor the intrusion or attack of technical equipment and provide relevant reports to the authorized organization.

These facilities need to be completed within 12 months of the authorization taking effect.

Government officials said in an interview that even if components were purchased from other countries, there was malware, but no details were given. They added that India needs to establish its own safety testing standards as soon as possible and conduct a rigorous review of all domestic or imported telecommunications equipment.

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