The International Competitiveness of China ‘s Service Trade

The International Competitiveness of China 's Service Trade

For a long time, the field of service trade has focused on traditional services such as transportation and tourism. With the development of new global technology tide, high-tech is widely used in the service industry, computer information services, consulting, finance and other service industries continue to emerge and rapid expansion of the world trade in services is gradually from the traditional natural resources or labor-intensive Based traditional trade in services shifted to knowledge-based or capital-intensive modern trade in services.

The development of service trade is closely related to the level of economic development. Due to the difference of economic development level, the development of international service trade also shows obvious regional imbalance. But the proportion of developing countries in international trade in services is on the rise. Service trade in Asia is the world’s most dynamic growth area, much higher than the average growth rate of world trade in services. While China and India’s service trade grew faster than other Asian regions.

International trade in services presented in Europe and the United States-based pattern, developed countries in the financial, telecommunications, professional services and other modern service trade areas reflect a stronger competitive advantage. From a single country, the United States in the international trade in services accounted for a larger proportion, it is the world’s largest exporter of services, but also the world’s largest surplus of trade in services. In addition, in the WTO announced the 2006 trade in services export ranking data, only China and India is the top ten developing countries. In recent years, with the continuous growth of China’s trade in services, its share of world trade in services has steadily increased. In 2006, China’s service trade exports reached 91.4 billion US dollars, ranking the 8th, accounting for 3.3% of the world’s total trade in services exports; in the importer ranking, China ranked sixth, trade in services imports reached 100.3 billion US dollars, accounting for the world 3.8% of total imports of services trade. China’s service trade import and export market is highly concentrated, service trade import and export of the top ten partner countries (regions) occupy 3/4 share. Among them, China Hong Kong, the United States, Japan for the top three service trading partners.

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