The Tokyo Olympics promotes the export of Chinese projectors

The Tokyo Olympics promotes the export of Chinese projectors

Because of the “empty field” of the Tokyo Olympics, the “veteran” who has been engaged in cross-border e-commerce for more than ten years, Tong Shaojian, general manager of Changsha Benying Electronic Technology, received an order from Japan for the first time. The other party is the owner of an offline projector shop in Japan. A few months ago, when he found Tong Shaojian through the international station of a large Chinese e-commerce platform, he said that Japanese consumers were discussing “how to watch this Olympics” and he wanted to stock up for the Olympics in advance. goods.

Sure enough, after placing orders at Tong Shaojian’s shop several times, all the projectors he put on the shelves in Japan were sold out.

The Olympic Games is a major event that has attracted worldwide attention. From the earliest reading of newspapers and listening to the radio to learn about Olympic events, to today’s televisions and projectors, the ways for audiences to participate in Olympic events has become diversified.

The e-commerce platform data shows that in the past three weeks, the demand for projectors in overseas markets has increased by 111% year-on-year. Among them, portable projectors with high lumens such as 1080P, built-in Android system and speakers, and priced from US$50 to US$150 Most popular. In the procurement data of various countries, the Japanese market achieved explosive growth in the second quarter of this year, and the transaction volume increased by 113% year-on-year, ranking second in the station.

“A Japanese seller who sells projectors on Amazon started playing’hunger marketing’ in his store in March, and put a small number of projectors from me on the shelves, telling buyers that they are out of stock. Please look forward to the Olympics. On the eve of the Olympics, more people rushed for the goods. He placed an order for 1,500 units and sold out soon,” Tong Shaojian said.

According to data, in 2020, the total shipment of China’s projection equipment market is about 8 million units. Most of the projector production process in the world is done in China. With the upgrading of projector manufacturing technology, the appearance of the product has also been upgraded from a big office worker to a portable product for camping, gathering and other occasions.

The Olympic Games are not only eye-catching but also gold. In China, the sports boom driven by the Olympics has also promoted the boom in the online sports consumer market.

With the continuous growth of the national economy and residents’ income, the Olympic Games and national fitness have driven the rapid development of the domestic sports economy. Chinese domestic sports brands such as Anta, Hongxing Erke, Xtep, and Peak have become the “top-tier” online consumption. According to data from the General Administration of Sport of China, the number of sportsmen in China is growing at a rate of 39% and is expected to reach 500 million in 2025. The national tide movement has given birth to a huge consumer market for sports goods, and the era of domestic sports brands leading the competitive landscape has arrived. According to estimates by the China National Securities Research Institute, taking the fastest-growing category of sports shoes as an example, Chinese consumers bought 560 million pairs in 2019, which are connected head to tail for more than 140,000 kilometers, which is approximately equal to the total mileage of China’s railway operations and can circle the earth three times. Half.

In the severe external epidemic environment, the “home movement” has also become a new trend in the national tide movement. According to related industry reports, the proportion of yoga lovers choosing online fitness platforms is higher than offline, and yoga clothes have become women’s favorites. On another new e-commerce platform in China, home sports products such as yoga clothes, yoga mats, abdominal wheels, and kettlebells have continued to sell well since 2020. Recently, a cordless skipping rope sold more than 100,000 orders and became a hot item.

The amount of interaction between major short video platforms shows that men are enthusiastic about fishing, and products such as fishing gear, umbrellas, and sun protection are selling well. Cycling, indoor skiing, basketball, football, swimming and other sports have become popular again. Fat-reducing foods such as protein powder, L-carnitine, and chicken breast are sought after. Watching products such as beer, air conditioners, duck necks, and crayfish have become more popular. The new volume of logistics parcels.