The traders offer which kind of service for which field

The traders offer which kind of service for which field

Trading companies serve in different industries, the general trade is divided into 12 categories. As follows:

1. Commercial services

Refers to the service activities involved in the exchange of activities, which includes both personal consumption services, including business and government consumption services.

2. Communication service

The communication service mainly refers to all the related information products, operation, storage equipment and software functions and other services. The communication service is provided by the public communication department, the information service department, the close relationship between the enterprise group and the private enterprise. Mainly include: post and telecommunications services; courier services; telecommunications services, including telephone, telegraph, data transmission, telex, fax. Audiovisual services, including radio and television services. Other telecommunications services.

3. Construction services

Construction services mainly refers to the engineering construction from design, site selection to the construction of the entire service process. Including the location service, the location of the building involved; domestic engineering and construction projects, such as bridges, ports, roads and other address selection; building installation and assembly works; construction of the project construction; fixed building maintenance services.

4. Sales service

Refers to the process of product sales in the exchange of services. Mainly include: commercial sales, mainly refers to the wholesale business; retail services; sales and related agency fees and commission; franchise services; other sales services.

5. Education services

Refers to the intercourse between the countries in higher education, secondary education, primary education, pre-school education, continuing education, special education and other education services. Such as intermittent students, visiting scholars and so on.

6. Environmental services

Refers to sewage treatment services; waste treatment services; health and similar services

7. Financial Services

Mainly refers to the banking and insurance industry and related financial services activities.

8. Health and social services

Mainly refers to medical services, other services related to human health; social services.

9. Travel and related services

Refers to the hotel, hotel accommodation, catering services, catering services and related services; travel agency and tour guide services.

10. Culture, entertainment and sports services

Refers to all the culture, entertainment, news, library, sports services, such as cultural exchange, theatrical performances, which do not include radio, film and television.

11. Transportation services

Including transportation services such as air transport, maritime transport, rail transport, pipeline transportation, river and coastal transport, road transport services, including space launches and transport services such as satellite launch, passenger services, shipping services (including crew Hire); attached to the transport service. Mainly refers to the customs broker, cargo handling, warehousing, port services, pre-departure inspection services.

12. Other service.

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