The United States approved General Electric to export the C919 aircraft engine to China

The United States approved General Electric to export the C919 aircraft engine to China

A company spokesperson said on April 7 local time that it had obtained an export license from the Trump administration to allow the export of aero engines to the COMAC C919 passenger aircraft.

Reuters exclusive report, General Electric said that it has been notified that the license to export the engine to the C919 was approved. Safran, a joint venture partner of its subsidiary General Aviation, also confirmed the news.

Earlier this year, some media reported that the United States was considering preventing GE from exporting the CFM LEAP-1C aero engine for C919 to COMAC on the grounds that it feared that China might reverse engineer the engine and damage US commercial interests.

The US Department of Commerce and the White House did not respond to this.

Shuang Geng, spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on February 18 that relevant reports still need to be verified. For a period of time, the relevant measures adopted by the United States not only harmed the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, but also in the long run did not accord with the interests of American companies, but also seriously interfered with normal scientific and technological exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and the world. We urge the US to treat Chinese enterprises and China-US normal business cooperation in an objective and fair manner, with more active promotion and less unreasonable disruption.

Trump also posted a message on social media that day, publicly opposing the US government ’s restrictions on GM ’s export of engines to China.

He later said in an interview that some people are too “obsessed with national security” and will not sacrifice the interests of American companies because of false “national security”. “I hope China buys our aircraft engines. After all, this is the best in the world.” Then, there were reports from the US media that the US government plans to approve GM to supply engines to China.

Analysts have said that, as Trump said, the US authorities discussed the ban on being affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Last Monday (30th), General Electric announced that its aviation business sector will lay off 2,500 employees within three months. ” “Temporarily” dismiss 50% of domestic maintenance, repair and operation personnel. This move triggered union protests.

Reuters reported on Thursday (2nd) that sources said that senior US government officials have recently agreed on three measures to tighten the export of high-tech products to China, including preventing Chinese companies from buying certain optical materials and radar from the US Equipment and semiconductors.

In response, nine major organizations in the US chip industry jointly wrote to Secretary of Commerce Ross on Monday, criticizing the changes that may have a major impact on the semiconductor industry, the global supply chain, and the broader technology sector. Urge them to consult the public before the new regulations come into effect to avoid unintended consequences.

General Electric’s sale of the engine to the C919 is ridiculous. The C919 project is currently the second largest order for its subsidiary General Aviation. With the 737MAX grounded for almost a year, GE has been under tremendous operating pressure. If the future big order of C919 is lost, then the previous R & D expenses will be completely floated, and even a huge compensation may be faced because of the lack of supply.

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