The United States imports 92% of masks from China!

The United States imports 92% of masks from China!

The world economic recovery has a long way to go, and the control of the new crown epidemic has been on the way. In terms of epidemic risk control, the demand for medical supplies in various countries has lit a red light, and the import of anti-epidemic materials has been increased.

Foreign media reported on August 24 that the global trade volume of medical masks used by doctors and nurses was around US$900 million in January. By May, it increased nearly 10 times to US$9.2 billion. Among them, among the personal protective equipment imported by various countries, the total share of imported Chinese products rose from 59% in January to 83% in May. This shows that countries are becoming more dependent on China for the import of anti-epidemic materials.

Among them, data show that in May, in terms of goggles, Japan’s share of imported Chinese products was 73%. In terms of medical masks, Japan’s imports of Chinese products accounted for 96%; the United States’ imports of Chinese products accounted for 92%; the EU’s imports of Chinese products accounted for 93%.

In fact, until now, the new crown epidemic has not been completely contained. According to China News, on August 25, Hong Kong, China, also detected a second infection of the new crown epidemic. The current situation of the new crown epidemic is not optimistic. Especially overseas, they are now facing greater danger.

Many people wonder why China can meet its own country’s material needs and can also export related medical supplies to other countries?

First of all, as a major producer, China has always manufactured a large number of masks. When the global epidemic broke out, China also had considerable advantages in medical masks and other anti-epidemic items. Therefore, many countries in the world imports medical masks from China. In the country’s imports of China’s personal protective equipment, the data is also soaring. From the initial January, the total import share was 59%. By May, it had reached 83%. It can be seen that China has an advantage in medical masks and personal protective equipment.

On the other hand, it has a lot to do with the first outbreak of the epidemic in my country. As my country slowly entered a period of flattening, the economy began to recover gradually, and industries such as manufacturing were also developing, so the production of medical materials began to gradually recover, to reach the ability to export outward.

In the face of the epidemic, due to the different situations in different countries, China’s method of controlling the epidemic cannot be copied by everyone. From the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and the recognition of Chinese products, it can be seen that China’s economy is moving forward.

Professor Xiong Yu of the University of Surrey Business School said that in a complex international environment, China accurately and steadily grasps the current situation and has a clear layout for future economic development, which has greatly boosted the confidence of all walks of life in China’s economic development prospects.

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