Trump issued a “ban” on power equipment

Trump issued a "ban" on power equipment

According to Xinhua News Agency, US President Trump issued an executive order on May 1 stating that in order to ensure the safety of large-capacity power systems, the United States will be prohibited from purchasing overseas power equipment that poses a risk to national security, and the Secretary of Energy will be authorized to screen relevant entities and take appropriate action.

Trump said in an executive order that the large-capacity power system is a target for activities such as “malicious cyber attacks” on the United States. The foreign supply of power system equipment poses a threat to the US national economy, public health and safety, and makes the United States ability to defend yourself and allies is weakened.

Yang Tong, deputy secretary-general of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products and Director of Industry Development Department, told China Business Daily that currently the Ministry of Commerce has paid attention to this information, and there may be some impact on exports, but the specific impact will depend on the company and product. Further analysis of the situation. The reporter browsed the administrative order and found that the content of the administrative order did not clearly specify a specific country or enterprise.

“Not only for China”?

The reporter learned from the White House official website that Trump ’s executive order on ensuring the safety of large-capacity power systems in the United States clearly stated that large-capacity power system power equipment that is of interest to any foreign government or foreigner if the relevant transaction constitutes US security Significant risks will prohibit the purchase, transfer or installation.

The executive order also pointed out that the US Secretary of Energy has the right to establish and publish standards for identifying specific power equipment and suppliers of large-capacity power systems, and to establish and publish a list of pre-qualified equipment and suppliers through these standards, make recommendations as soon as possible to identify, isolate, monitor or replace electrical equipment.

In addition, this executive order requires the Minister of Energy to lead the establishment of a special working group on energy infrastructure procurement policies to avoid national security risks through coordination and communication.

It is worth noting that the executive order does not point to a specific country or enterprise.

However, the Dow Jones China team quoted a senior US State Department official as saying that the Trump administration has taken action specifically because it had previously penetrated US power and natural gas systems. The senior official pointed out that reports from the US government directly linked these actions to Russia and China. The other two countries, Iran and North Korea, are considered capable cyber rivals, but unlike China, they are not the main suppliers of equipment.

Also has a view that the United States is expected to use recent threat assessments by intelligence agencies to help determine which equipment is most likely to be at risk and which equipment may need to be banned.

On May 3, a person in charge of import and export products of an energy industry association said in an interview with a reporter from China Business Daily that the news is not only aimed at China.

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