U.S. prepares to allow Chinese chicken imports

U.S. prepares to allow Chinese chicken imports

The US government and the Chinese government have reached a consensus on allowing Chinese chicken to be imported into the United States, and relevant parties in the US government are making relevant preparations for this.

Federal Bulletin of the US Federal Government Communications Agency announced the news on November 8. Sources said that the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service is revising federal regulations for the inspection of poultry products to include China’s eligibility for exporting poultry products slaughtered in the country to the United States. The Bureau has reviewed relevant Chinese regulations and inspection mechanisms and found that they meet the relevant US legal requirements and can be exported to the United States.

The Federal Register said the decision will take effect on December 9.

At the same time, China will lift a US poultry meat export ban that has been in effect since 2015 and approve US chicken meat exports to China.

This move is widely regarded as progress made in the US-China trade negotiations. Last month, China said it was preparing to lift the ban on US chicken imports as part of a first-phase trade agreement. The Xinhua News Agency reported on Thursday that China’s General Administration of Customs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs are studying the lifting of US poultry meat export restrictions on China.

China hopes to export cooked chicken products to the United States at least as early as 2004. Currently, the United States only allows China to export processed poultry products slaughtered in the United States or certain other countries to the United States. The new regulations will allow China’s slaughtered poultry products to be exported to the United States.

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