US double investigation into imports of wooden cabinets from China

US double investigation into imports of wooden cabinets from China

The US Commerce Department said on Wednesday (March 27) that the department has launched anti-dumping and countervailing (double-reverse) investigations on products such as wooden cabinets and bathroom cabinets imported from China to determine whether China is dumping this to the US market. Class products.

According to Reuters, the investigation was initiated on the basis of an appeal filed by the American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance on March 6. The alleged dumping margins of China ranged from 177.36% to 262.18%.

According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2018, the United States imported about $4.4 billion worth of wooden cabinets, bathroom cabinets and accessories from China.

If the US Department of Commerce draws a positive conclusion in the investigation, and the International Trade Commission finds that the relevant US companies have been damaged, the United States will impose tariffs on dumping or unfair subsidies on such imported Chinese products.

On Friday (March 23), the US Department of Commerce announced the final decision on the anti-dumping and countervailing (“double-reverse”) investigation of steel wheels produced in China, confirming that the Chinese Communist Party did dump the steel wheels to the United States through subsidies.

Previously, the American Institute of Steel Construction Full Member Subgroup filed a complaint with the Ministry of Commerce on February 4th requesting a double-reverse investigation against Chinese, Canadian and Mexican structural steel.

According to the survey conducted by the Ministry of Commerce, China dumped steel drums in the United States at a price lower than the fair price of the US market by 231.70%. The Ministry of Commerce also made a countervailing ruling on Chinese steel drums, arguing that China’s subsidy rate for steel wheel exporters was 457.19%.

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