US footwear industry opposes Trump’s tariff on Chinese imported footwear products

US footwear industry opposes Trump's tariff on Chinese imported footwear products

More than 170 US footwear manufacturers and retailers, including famous sports brands such as Nike, Andema, and Adidas, urged President Trump on Tuesday to say that if he imposes any new tariffs on Chinese imports in the future, please wear shoes. Classes are exempt.

Trump, a lobbying organization representing the footwear industry, wrote to Trump that he proposed a 25% tariff on footwear imported from China “for our consumers, our company and the US economy as a whole.” It is catastrophic.” The US footwear industry imported $11.4 billion worth of footwear from China last year, but some manufacturers have been shifting production to other places such as Vietnam and Cambodia.

The association said that the proposed tariff on Chinese-made footwear will allow US consumers to pay more than $7 billion annually over existing tariffs.

The 173 companies represented by the association said: “The tariffs on imported products are paid by American consumers. There should be no misunderstanding.” These companies refute the frequent tariffs that President Trump often pays from China and the money is directly The wrong way to enter the US Treasury.

Trump and China launched a series of tariff wars that you came to and from China, and imposed tariffs on goods that arrived at the port of the country. The two largest economies in the world have been negotiating for months to reach a new trade agreement, but have not been successful so far.

Trump imposed a 25% new tariff on Chinese products worth $200 billion earlier this month. He also launched a plan to impose a new round of tariffs on almost all Chinese imports. The $300 billion products include footwear, apparel and electronics.

President Trump said that if US companies do not like to pay tariffs on Chinese imports, they can move production back to the United States or countries that are not subject to tariffs by the United States. But the American Footwear Wholesalers and Retailers Association, which is lobbying for the footwear industry, does not accept Trump’s advice.

“Shoes are a very capital-intensive industry that requires years of planning to make purchasing decisions, and companies can’t easily move factories to adapt to these changes,” said the footwear industry to Trump.

The US Trade Representative Office has published a list of products covered by the new tariff and is scheduled to hold a hearing on June 17.

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