Vietnam speeds up imports of electricity from China

Vietnam speeds up imports of electricity from China

In recent years, in addition to China’s accelerating economic development, there is actually another country that is also quietly developing, once becoming one of the best-performing countries in Asia, and this country is Vietnam. In the eyes of many people, Vietnam is a relatively poor and backward country. In fact, Vietnam has achieved rapid economic development in recent years. With the rapid economic development, Vietnam has also encountered a big problem, that is, the problem of power shortage.

In order to solve this problem, Vietnam planned to build a large number of thermal power plants in the country to make up for the power shortage. However, it has repeatedly been hindered by European environmental protection forces, and even announced to the companies in China, Japan, South Korea and other countries participating in thermal power plant projects. The letter asked these countries to withdraw.

China has been vigorously developing electricity for more than ten years. Before, like India, many remote areas were unable to supply power. However, with continuous development, the scale of the national power grid has nearly doubled since 2010, which has ensured that economic and social development has an impact on energy and electricity demand. China is a large power supply country with rich experience in power supply. And Vietnam also wants to vigorously develop electric power, just like China, so they are preparing to build a “Yong Ang 2” thermal power station construction project in central Vietnam, and they have received support from the Japanese government. However, Europe is very jealous of the development of Asian countries and has tried every means to hinder Vietnam’s economic development.

In October this year, Japan announced that it would achieve the goal of zero net greenhouse gas emissions around 2050. To implement these plans, Japan has tightened environmental protection requirements in industries such as power, metallurgy, and automobiles. However, Europe has seized the handle and used this as a threat. The 21 investment institution alliance with Europe as the center and managing 4.7 trillion euros of assets took the opportunity to take the opportunity to participate in the project, including Mitsubishi Corporation, China Power, and the three major Japanese banks. Send a letter saying that participating in Vietnam’s thermal power plant will affect climate warming and requesting them to withdraw from this project.

Vietnam is a country facing power shortages. Without power, how can we talk about development? Due to economic development, the demand for electricity is also increasing. Vietnam is expected to have a power shortage of 6.6 billion kWh by 2021, and this number will increase to 15 billion kWh by 2023. The thermal power plant project failed, and Vietnam had to ask China for help. According to the latest statistics, Vietnam imported 2.1 billion kWh of electricity from China in 2019, and it is expected to import more than 2 billion kWh of electricity from China in 2020. However, imported electricity can only solve temporary needs, and vigorously developing electricity is the most critical.