What are the advantages of Chinese service trade enterprises

What are the advantages of Chinese service trade enterprises

In 2014, China’s international trade in international balance of payments amounted to US $ 568.6 billion, an increase of nearly 6% over the previous year. Exports were US $ 185.3 billion, up by about -10% year on year. Trade in services increased by about US $ 383.3 billion %; Deficit totaled $ 19 billion. China’s service trade is short, trade deficit doubled year after year, the international competitiveness and developed countries have a clear gap. The trade deficit doubled year after year, indicating that the overall competitiveness of China’s service trade is at a disadvantage. From the specific industry, China’s trade in services is mainly concentrated in the human resource-intensive industries, and technical knowledge-intensive services, capital-intensive services, environmental resource-intensive services, and trade in goods are closely related to trade in trade are a deficit Is the current service trade in China to participate in the international division of labor comparative advantage and competitive advantage of the objective reflection.

Human resource-intensive services have a certain competitive advantage. China’s service trade advantage areas are mainly concentrated in the human resource-intensive services industry, in 2013 this area of service trade surplus reached 46.6 billion US dollars in 2014 due to statistical caliber adjustment, business service balance from positive transfer, making this type of service trade surplus fell to $ 15.2 billion.

The construction industry is a human resource-intensive industry, which is the current advantages of our country. With the implementation of China’s surrounding infrastructure development plan and the strategy of “carrying all the way along the way”, the rapid growth of construction services and labor export services driven by China’s foreign project contract The trend is expected, and the trade surplus for construction services will grow further. Construction services grew by nearly 40% in 2014, trade surplus of $ 10.5 billion, up $ 3.7 billion over the previous year.

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