What are the advantages of smart meters?

What are the advantages of smart meters?

Smart meter is the smart terminal smart terminal, it is not the traditional sense of the energy meter, smart meter in addition to the traditional power meter basic power consumption measurement function, in order to adapt to the use of smart grid and new energy it also has electricity information Storage, two-way multi-rate measurement function, the client control function, a variety of data transmission mode of two-way data communication function, anti-tampering function and other intelligent functions, smart meter represents the future energy-saving smart grid end user intelligent terminal The direction of development. With the development of smart grid, the world’s demand for intelligent user terminals is also growing, according to statistics, in the next five years, with the smart grid in the world’s construction, smart meters in the global installation of the number will be as high as 2 Billion only. Similarly, in China, with the country’s strong smart grid construction progress, as the client’s smart meter demand will be a substantial increase in the conservative expectations, the market will have about 170 million demand. The US government to upgrade the power grid in the allocation of funds, part of the dedicated for the next three years to cause 13% of the US family (18 million households) can be equipped with smart meters. In Europe, Italy and Sweden have completed the deployment of advanced metering infrastructure, all the ordinary meter to replace the smart meter. France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom is expected to complete in the next 10 years will also complete the comprehensive promotion and application of smart meters.

It is estimated that by 2013, the number of smart meters installed with the smart grid will reach 760 million, and by 2020 the smart grid will cover 80% of the world’s population. Large-scale global smart grid construction will bring a broader demand for smart energy meter market, but also for China’s smart energy meter production enterprises to export products to create a good market conditions.

Some experts predict that the next few years the strong growth momentum of smart meters will continue, and China’s smart meter exports will continue to rise. China’s smart meters in Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other places the most prominent export, South America will also become a new export growth areas. In fact, the use of single-chip input voltage and current operations, resulting in power factor, frequency, active power, reactive power, active power, reactive power and other power parameters. These are and the traditional digital form and meter are significantly different. A table that can display all electrical parameters.

Because all are digitized, usually with RS485 communication interface. Compared with the traditional analog meter, the temperature characteristics are better. In addition, the alarm signal and analog output signals are intelligent output, can be specified by the user any signal output, convenient and reliable.

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