What are the advantages of trade in service in the tourism industry?

What are the advantages of trade in service in the tourism industry?

Tourism service trade refers to the activities of a country’s tourism practitioners to provide travel services and reward services to consumers of tourism services in other countries, including outbound tourism of domestic tourists, that is, international travel expenses, and inbound tourism of foreign tourists, international income tourism. Since the reform and opening up, China’s tourism trade has been developed by leaps and bounds, which has become the pillar of China’s international trade in services, and the role of China’s national economic development has become increasingly obvious. In recent years, China’s tourism trade has developed rapidly, withstood the financial crisis and all kinds of emergencies, as well as the impact of unfavorable factors and test, the rapid growth of total tourism trade, tourism has become the best development and development of the highest degree of trade in service.

China’s tourism service supply chain is becoming more and more perfect, to China’s inbound tourism long-term, sustained growth provides a fundamental guarantee. In addition, China’s large and medium-sized cities and tourist attractions of the reception facilities continue to improve, which also helps to ensure the quality of tourists inbound tourism, so as to attract more foreign residents to travel in China.

Tourism services trade is the most important part of trade in services. In the area of international trade in services, trade in tourism services occupies a pivotal position. China’s trade in services exports a small export level of low exports of services in 2001, although the world’s 12th, but the total is only 33.3 billion US dollars. Trade deficit of $ 5.6 billion. In China’s trade in services exports, tourism is the most advantageous sectors, accounting for half of the entire trade in services exports, and is the first foreign exchange earnings. Travel trade surplus reached 3.12 billion US dollars. Tourism trade has been an important share of China’s trade in services, 2010 China’s total import and export of tourism accounted for nearly 28% of the level of service trade is the most important part.

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