What are the characteristics of international food trade

What are the characteristics of international food trade?

Based on the interdisciplinary, especially the basic characteristics of economics, management, food science and engineering, we are based on the “inheritance and development” of food science and engineering specialty, curriculum development and reform. , Learn from reference, integration to enhance, highlight the characteristics of “the basic ideas, the organization of specialized forces to prepare, after more than a year of efforts to finally complete the preparation. We look forward to the relevant experts, as well as the majority of readers criticized the correction, in order to further improve the “international trade in food” quality, to highlight the characteristics of tempering the purpose of fine.

There are four types of world meat production, trade and consumption, one is the country with high production and per capita possession. The US population is less than 1/4 of China, and the meat production is more than half of China. Quantity and consumption are more than 100 kg. Second, the country specifically provides meat products, Australia’s per capita meat production 468 kg, Denmark 399 kg, Canada 137 kg. Is a meat exporter. Third, the total output of meat is not small, but the level of per capita occupancy is very low, India 6 million tons of meat, per capita only 5.5 kg, 8.3 kg of Indonesia. The whole African meat 12 million tons, per capita possession is very low. They all need to import meat products, the quality requirements are not very high, is the potential market. Fourth, meat production and per capita possession are not high, but also economically developed or highly purchasing power of the country, such as Japan’s per capita meat production is only 23 kg, Kuwait 32 kg, but are high consumption of meat in the country, Quality requirements are still quite high, of course, the price is also high, so. Such countries are the target markets for the export of competing countries.

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