What are the import and export process

What are the import and export process

Customs declaration is one of the necessary links to fulfill customs clearance procedures. The declaration refers to the process of the entry and exit formalities of goods, goods or means of transport and related customs affairs to the owner of the goods of import and export goods, the person in charge of entry and exit conveyance, the owner of the entry and exit goods or their agents, Including the declaration to the customs, inspection documents and documents, and accept the customs supervision and inspection.

Import and export business to the customs declaration, the need to submit the following documents:

1, import and export goods declaration. The general import of goods should be filled in duplicate; need to be written off by the Customs and Excise Department of goods, such as processing trade goods and bonded goods, etc., should fill in a single declaration of three copies of the goods; exports need to be a domestic tax rebate, Declaration form.

2, the goods invoice. The number of copies required less than a declaration, the export of goods commissioned by foreign sales, settlement is to be sold by the amount of goods sold to the export unit settlement, the export declaration can be granted free of charge.

3, land transport orders, air waybills and shipping import bills of lading and shipping export orders. Customs in the trial and inspection, in the original shipper signed on the release of the return agent, with the delivery or shipment of goods.

4, packing list. The number of copies with the invoice. But the bulk of the goods or a single variety and the contents of the same package of goods can be exempted from delivery.

5, export proceeds to write off a single. All export goods declaration, should be submitted to the foreign exchange management department stamped the “supervision of foreign exchange” chapter of the export proceeds verification form, and write off the number of each export declaration in the upper right corner.

6, Customs deemed necessary, should also be submitted to trade contracts, goods origin certificate.

7, other relevant documents. include:

(1) The taxpayers who have been granted tax reduction and duty-free approval by the Customs and Excise Department shall prove to the Customs and Excise Department that the foreign-funded enterprises in Beijing shall submit the list of imported equipment issued by the Customs and Excise Department;

(2) The goods imported and exported to the processing trade contract filed with the Customs and Excise Department shall be submitted to the customs registration certificate issued by the Customs.

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