What are the procedures for machinery exports

What are the procedures for machinery exports

Export machinery Select cargo ship is very important, but how to choose the cargo ship?

Classification of ships:

Depending on the classification, the same ship may have a different name. Most ships are classified by ship’s purpose. (Oil / oil tanker, ore / bulk carrier / oil tanker); ship, ship, ship, ship, ship, ship, ship, ship, ship, ship, Special cargo ships (transport boats, refrigerated vessels, motor transport ships, etc.); oil tankers, liquefied gas vessels, liquid chemical vessels and so on.

1. Passenger ships: In addition to carrying passengers, but also loaded with some of the goods (waterline below the cabin as much as possible for loading). Passenger ships are on the same requirements as passenger ships.

2. Ordinary cargo ship: commonly known as general cargo ship. Grocery, also known as the goods, refers to the machinery and equipment, building materials, daily necessities and other items. Special transport package into a bundle, into a bag, into the box of grocery ship, known as the general cargo ship or general cargo ship.

3. The general cargo ship has the following characteristics:

Machinery and equipment exports need to go through some of the documents of the procedures?

(1) The load can not be large, ocean-going general cargo ship load capacity of 10,000 tons – 14000 tons; near the ocean cargo ship load capacity of about 5,000 tons; coastal general cargo ship load capacity of 3,000 tons or less Due to more goods, lack of supply, loading and unloading speed is slow, stop a long time, the load of the general cargo ship over the General Assembly is not economical).

(2) For tally convenience, general cargo ship generally has 2-3 deck. Contains five – six cargo ships with a capacity of 10,000 tons. Most of the cabin position is located in the middle of the model, and some use the tail model.

(3) General cargo ships are generally equipped with the first floor, in the upper part of the cabin with a bridge. Old-fashioned 5,000-ton general cargo ship, the use of three islands.

(4) Many million-ton generalized cargo ships, due to ballast requirements, often have deep tanks, while deep tanks can be used to load liquid cargo (animal and vegetable oil, molasses, etc.).

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