What are the process if we import products from Malaysia

What are the process if we import products from Malaysia

Import declaration of the basic procedures: to accept the declaration → audit documents → inspection of goods → for tax → clearance clearance.

1. With the exchange of bills of lading (1, 3) together with the declaration documents to go before the declaration.

Customs documents: bills of lading (1,3) after the release of the Customs and Excise Department, in the white on the stamped chapter, returned to the importer as a delivery certificate. Original box single, original invoice, contract, import declaration of a single two copies, the original declaration of the entrustment agreement, customs supervision and control of the various types of documents involved. Precautions:

(1) After receiving the customer’s complete set of documents, the goods should be confirmed the product code, and then check the customs tariff, confirm the import tax rate, confirm what the goods need regulatory conditions, if you need to do all kinds of inspection, The Postpone the required documents: inspection application form, the original box single invoice, contract, import declaration two copies. (2) for a single time should be urged to promptly notify the shipping agency customs clearance to the customs, if any questions should be made with the customs cabin room to confirm whether the manifest to the customs.

(3) When the customs requirements to open the box to check the goods, should be in advance with the station to get in touch, the deployment of the investigation of the box will be transferred to the customs designated station. (In advance should be confirmed with the station box box charges, digging box charges.)

2. If the inspection of goods should be handled inspection procedures.

For commodity inspection, will have to take the import declaration before the application form (with official seal) and two declarations for registration, and in the declaration on the cover of commodity inspection registration in the case to customs clearance. Inspection procedures at the final destination.

For phytosanitary inspection, but also in the declaration before the declaration of a single invoice to declare the agency to apply for accreditation, in the declaration on the cover to release the clearance, inspection procedures can be carried out after the customs clearance yard.

3. Customs clearance clearance should go to the three inspection hall for three seized. To the hall of the agency inspection agencies to provide boxes, invoices, contract declarations, by their agents for inspection. After the inspection, you can pay a unified window in the hall. And in the white bill of lading on the cover of three check line chapter.

4. After three inspection procedures, to Hong Kong pond hall traffic charges. After the Hong Kong miscellaneous fees have been settled, the Hong Kong side will bring the goods back to the picker for delivery.

5. After all the delivery procedures are completed, you can notify the advance of the good yard delivery.

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