What does sea shipping service includes?

What does sea shipping service includes?

Marine transport is the most important mode of transport in international trade, more than two thirds of the total volume of international trade. Most of China’s import and export goods are transported by means of maritime transport. Maritime transport capacity, low sea freight, the channel extending in all directions, is its advantage. But the speed is slow, sailing risk, sailing date is not easy to accurately, is its shortcomings.

Maritime terms are a basic provision in a ship insurance contract. In accordance with international maritime insurance practice, our country also stipulates the terms in the ship insurance clause. The main purpose is to require the insured ship can not engage in sea towing or rescue services; not with his ship (non-port or coastal use of the boat) in the sea directly loading and unloading cargo, including approaching, docking and leaving; Ship or sailing for the purpose of shipbreaking. Within the limits of this restriction, unless the insurer has consented prior to the consent of the insurer and accepts the revised underwriting conditions and the premium required for the payment, or for the voyage of the voyage for shipbreaking or for the purpose of shipbreaking Insurance, the insurer assumes the insurance liability. Otherwise, the resulting loss and liability to the third person, the insurer is not responsible.

Marine transport is based on the practice of navigational activities, which are based on shipbuilding, maritime technology and skilled seafarers. Shipbuilding industry is a comprehensive industry, its development can drive the iron and steel industry, ship equipment industry, electronic instrumentation industry development, and promote the country’s industrial structure improvement. China’s original ship importing country, in recent years has gradually become a ship exporter, and is moving into the ranks of ships exporting countries. Due to the continuous development of China’s maritime technology, crew assignment services have attracted the attention of the world. Marine transport industry, China’s ocean shipping fleet has entered the world’s top ten list for the future large-scale shipbreaking industry to provide the conditions, not only for China’s iron and steel smelting to provide cheap raw materials, energy conservation and import ore Of the consumption, and can export scrap. It can be seen that the development of the maritime transport industry not only improves the national industrial structure, but also improves the commodity structure in international trade.

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