What is the process of general trade service

What is the process of general trade service

International trade processes include: quotes, orders, payment methods, stocking, packaging, customs clearance, shipping, settlement.

1, Quote

In international trade is generally the inquiry by the product, quotation as the beginning of trade. Among them, the quotation for export products mainly include: the product quality level, the product specifications, the product has a special packaging requirements, the number of products purchased, the delivery requirements, product delivery, product materials and other content The

2, Place the Order

After the parties reached an agreement on the offer, the buyer’s business order and on some related matters with the seller’s business consultations, the two sides agreed to sign, the need to sign the “purchase contract.” In the process of signing the “purchase contract”, mainly on the product name, specifications, quantity, price, packaging, origin, shipping period, payment terms, settlement, claims, arbitration and other content to discuss and negotiate after the agreement Write “purchase contract”. This marks the official start of the export business. Under normal circumstances, signed a purchase contract in duplicate by the two sides sealed the company’s official seal effective, the two sides to save a copy.

3, Payment

There are three commonly used international payment methods, namely, the letter of credit payment method, tt payment method and direct payment method.

4, Production

Production in the entire trade process, play a pivotal position, must be implemented in accordance with the contract one by one. The main contents of the stocking are as follows:

1, the quality of goods, specifications, should be verified according to the requirements of the contract.

2, the number of goods: to ensure that the number of contracts or letters of credit to meet the requirements.

3, stocking time: should be based on the provisions of the letter of credit, combined with the schedule to facilitate the cargo link.

5, Shipping

In the process of loading the goods, you can determine the number of goods according to the way of shipment, and in accordance with the “purchase contract” to determine the insurance to the insurance, the general weight of goods exported goods calculated freight.

6, Settlement

After the export of goods, the import and export companies should be in accordance with the provisions of the letter of credit, prepare invoice, packing list, BL, CO and other documents. In the letter of credit within the validity period, submitted to the bank for settlement and settlement procedures.

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