What’s the advantage of ENELTEC international trade in services?

What's the advantage of ENELTEC international trade in services?

In China, ENELTEC is playing a more and more important part in international trade in services.

Information and computer services are technical knowledge-intensive industries, but for China’s exports of information and computer services, the more use of China’s human resources advantages. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of offshore service outsourcing, but also human resources-intensive industries. Offshore service outsourcing as a new international division of labor services, the future market prospects. With the implementation of “Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Development of Service Outsourcing Industry” at the beginning of 2015, China’s offshore service outsourcing, which is dominated by information technology outsourcing, will maintain a growth rate of not less than 20% in the next five years. Therefore, the information and computer services is still the advantage of our country. Trade in information and computer services increased by 25.6% in 2014, with a trade surplus of US $ 26.9 billion, an increase of US $ 5.5 billion over the previous year.

Consulting services is also a human resource-intensive industries, China has a large number of relatively low-cost high-quality labor force, therefore, the development of advisory services advantages. At the same time, the trade balance of advisory services will also be affected by the financial environment at home and abroad, do not rule out all kinds of enterprises through the advisory services trade balance of the transfer of capital possible. In the short term, with the United States out of quantitative easing policy, the dollar will have expected appreciation, coupled with the RMB into a moderately easy cycle, the international capital through advisory services revenue and expenditure into China’s kinetic energy will be gradually weakened. As a result, the trade surplus in advisory services will decrease and the total trade volume will maintain moderate growth.

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