Which are the most exported products in China

Which are the most exported products in China

Speaking of Made in China, we are all very proud of being Chinese. Now with the rapid development of China, we are no longer just importing items from other countries. The feng shui turns around. Now China basically realizes a trade surplus!

China has entered a new normal economy, its own reforms have entered deep-water areas, and many companies are still struggling to explore in transformation and upgrading. Many companies with the keen sense of smell have followed the trend of the national policy, and they are optimistic and have begun to sell domestically to the “going out” export trade.

Electromechanical products: China has always been a major manufacturing country. Products exported are naturally electromechanical, and electromechanical products are the most exported products in China. The annual export volume is approximately US$120 billion.

Mobile phones: Now that smartphones are well-developed, China’s smartphone manufacturing technology is the world’s leading, and naturally, ultimately, the annual export volume is about 97 billion US dollars. People in many countries in the world now have mobile phones in their hands that are made in China. This is a matter of great pride.

High-tech products: In recent years, China is committed to the development of high-tech products. China has already emerged from the hats of manufacturing and manufacturing countries and gradually moves toward high-end technology production and technology countries. The annual export of high-tech products can reach 70 billion U.S. dollars.

Clothing: Clothing has been China’s traditional superior product since ancient times. From the Silk Road of the Tang Dynasty to the largest producer of garments in today’s world, China’s clothing is well-known throughout the world and it also brings many economic benefits to China. The annual garment export amount can reach 65 billion US dollars.

Steel: China is also a big country with the huge production of steel. Most of these steels are used for export. Although the export volume of steel has declined in recent years, it still occupies a large proportion. The annual steel export volume is approximately 57 billion U.S. dollars.

Furniture and its parts: China’s furniture manufacturing technology is also the world’s leading, especially the furniture of wood products, is among the world’s top, the annual export value of furniture and its parts is about 47 billion US dollars.

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