Who are China’s precision machinery trade company?

Who are China's precision machinery trade company?

China Precision Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CPMIEC), founded in 1980, is rooted in China Aerospace. As the main channel of China’s foreign trade and foreign trade, it is the general contractor of China’s international commercial satellite launch and space technology cooperation. It is a group of enterprises based on science and technology as the leading factor, trade as the leading, industry and diversified development.

China Precision Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd. is authorized by the state to China’s high-tech products and technology import and export industry-based industry and trade integration, technology and trade integration of large enterprises. Mainly engaged in the products include defense weapons systems, aerospace equipment, satellite technology and its application products, special equipment, precision machinery, optical instruments, electronic products and trucks and related technologies.

In accordance with the “space-based, military-based, diversified, coordinated development,” the operating principle of precision companies to China’s aerospace industry strong economic and technological foundation and a strong scientific research and production capacity for backing, relying on a large number of experienced experts and fine Technology and equipment, in the development of high-tech products trade at the same time, can undertake high-tech fields in a variety of high-precision equipment and product development, design and manufacturing, joint development, co-production, technology transfer, system integration, joint ventures, Engineering contracting, labor cooperation, bidding business, foreign trade consulting, property management, logistics management and other forms of trade activities.

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