Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Import Port Approved

Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Import Port Approved

Since the construction of the drug import port project started in 2013, it took more than 5 years. Zhengzhou drug import port was officially approved a few days ago. So far, the number of functional ports in Henan has reached 10, forming a more complete port functional system.

On the 30th, the Henan Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to externally report the approval of Zhengzhou’s drug import port.

Xu Yunwei, deputy secretary-general of the Henan Provincial Government, said at the press conference that the approval of Zhengzhou’s drug import port officially ended the history of Henan’s “only imported drugs and no imported drugs”. Xue Yunwei introduced that functional ports are a special opening policy implemented by the state and an important opening platform. The approval of the Zhengzhou Drug Import Port will not only help reduce the cost of imported drugs in Henan, but also attract more drug distribution companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to settle in Zhengzhou, and promote the prosperity of the port economy.

It is understood that as a major consumer province, Henan’s total import and export sales of pharmaceuticals and health products last year were about 110 billion RMB, of which imported drugs accounted for about 30%. After the Zhengzhou medicine import port is approved, imported medicines can be shipped directly from Zhengzhou to Zhengzhou for customs declaration, which will help enterprises shorten the purchase cycle of medicines and reduce the logistics cost of imported medicines. Objectively, it can effectively alleviate the expensive, slow, Hard to wait.

Li Guohui, director of drug safety of the Henan Drug Administration, said that the approval of Zhengzhou’s drug import ports will significantly increase the number of imported drugs circulating and used in Henan Province, and the hidden risks of imported drugs during storage and transportation will also increase. In the future, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of imported drug safety, strengthen the random inspection of imported drugs in the market, increase supervision and inspection efforts, investigate and deal with illegal acts in accordance with the law, and ensure the safety of drug use by the people.

In order to provide convenient customs clearance operation guarantee, Zhengzhou Customs stated that it will fully guarantee the single block and special emergency medicines for rapid customs clearance, provide convenience services of “all-weather” and “no time difference” for customs clearance, and support the business development of multiple trade methods. “This approved import drug port has a wide range of radiation, involving multiple business sites in Zhengzhou Customs, covering a variety of business types, and enterprises can flexibly choose according to their own needs,” said Liao Yan, a first-level inspector of Zhengzhou Customs. Features, security and convenience requirements, Zhengzhou Customs will also explore the implementation of reform measures such as “two-step declaration”, “two-stage access” and “two-wheel drive” in the customs clearance of imported drugs, and gradually establish an efficient and convenient declaration system and coordinated and optimized risk management. The system and the orderly supervision and operation system work together to protect the masses’ demand for high-quality imported drugs.

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